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Knowing God VS Knowing ABOUT God

It's actually possible to know everything about the Bible and still not know God.

It's possible to be religious and still do none of the things that the Bible calls us to do as Christians.

Don't just know about God. Seek Him in a personal relationship! The faith that we have been called to demands much more than scriptural knowledge. It requires a connection with God through the Holy Spirit that takes us into deeper levels of hope and love. Yes, you have been saved by grace and your salvation is not about works.

But where in your life are you demonstrating what you believe?

Where in your life is there a manifestation of God's goodness?

If you have a hard time answering that question, I urge you to start here: Praise him. RIGHT NOW! Just stop and worship God and ask him to take you into a deeper understanding of Him that transcends your knowledge.

Continue to march.


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