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The Shift In Millenial Men

There's definitely been a shift.

Many men are waking up from an identity slumber and assuming their rightful places as chief protectors and providers.

These men are learning the things their great grandparents depended on for survival and they are grasping the arts of the ancient paths.

🔸More food is being brought from the field to the fridge.

🔸Sources of income are being diversified.

🔸The responsibility for protection and stability is shifting to the individual man rather than the overreaching government

In short, men are becoming more lethal.

Correy Hawk on The Podcast.

One of the perks of having a badass podcast is being able to converse with badass men like @Correyhawk who have fully embraced what it means to be a lethal man.

Correy grew up in a small village in Southeast Nebraska where he and his siblings were raised to hunt, fish, forage for wild foods, and navigate the wilderness.

His extensive time in the outdoors coupled with influence from his father led him to handle and shoot bows from a really young age.

As a young adult, Correy joined the Marine Corps and served two combat tours in Afghanistan.

Then he returned home to Nebraska and began building bows obsessively as a hobby for 6 years.

During those years, he was selected to be a participant on Season 7 of the @History Channel show, Alone, where his archery skills were truly put to the test as he attempted to survive alone in the Arctic.

Today, Correy is the owner of Organic Archery where he spends his time making custom handcrafted longbows and arrows and helping others become more lethal.

Check out episode 076 of the Becoming Men Podcast!


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