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Accountability of a Warrior

Today, my son, Jionni, told me that he wished he was a warrior.⁣

It was a setup. ⁣God was up to something, so I took the bate.⁣

"Can you describe a warrior?" I asked.⁣

His big spirit stuffed in that 6-year old frame came alive as he piped up to name off a few qualities:⁣

  1. He's tough.⁣

  2. Be fights bad guys.⁣

  3. He keeps his 'cool'.⁣

His words. Then he told me that he's not any one of those things. That's when it got good. I was up for the challenge.⁣

I snapped back, "Bro, are you kidding me!"⁣

I reminded him of the truth, "you are the toughest boy I know. You always do hard things. You have grit and tenacity. You don't take the easy route."⁣

"The De La Nuez boys are warriors!" (we use this sort of language often)⁣ He wasn't convinced. I went on.⁣

"If someone came up to your brother and sister and hurt them, what would you do?⁣

Jionni: "I'd stab them with a knife."⁣

**I had to take a detour off that one**⁣

We got back on track and I went on.⁣

"You are learning the fruit of the Spirit. You are practicing patience and are learning self -control. You are a warrior!"⁣

Then we took the next minute of our drive to scream that as loud as we could. It therapeutic, soul- satisfying and spiritual all at the same time. ⁣

I'm convinced that this is the sort of accountability every man needs.⁣

Pay attention: ACCOUNT-ABILITY.⁣

We NEED men in our lives who can properly account for our abilities. This same principle is critical militarily too.⁣

A commanding officer must consistently account for his abilities in order to understand what assets he has available to battle with. ⁣

The world will do a good enough job at trying to make you feel shitty. We need men who can invest the time, take the challenge and call out the goodness in other men.⁣

Bro, you are a warrior!⁣

You are a mighty man of God.⁣

You were created for something epic.⁣

If you need some accountability in your life, set up a completely FREE coaching call with me today.


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